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Washing powder material,Sodium p-toluene sulfonate,Sodium xylene sulfonate,Xylene sulfonic acid
Dye material,Hardening agent,Emulsifying agent,Furan resin
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P-toluene sulfonic acid, PTSA Sodium p-toluene sulfonate Dye material
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PTSA,Washing powder material,Dye material,Chemical manufacturer
Model No:KK-02-98%
PTSA,Dye material,Hardening agent,Emulsifying agent,Furan resin
Emulsifying agent Furan resin Chemical manufacturer
CAS Number:657-84-1

CAS Number6192-52-5


Active Matter:

98% Min

98% Min

Free Sulfuric Acid:

0.3% Max

0.3% Max


White crystalline

White crystalline


2% Max

2% Max


12 ppm Max

1 ppm Max


1.As a hardening agent of furan resin which is applied in foundry

industry (Sand Casting).

2.As catalyst of many resin systems, such as resoles, epoxies,

amino-plasts and furniture lacquers.

3.As intermediate of dye chemistry, adhesives and specialized


4.As a dehydration catalyst in esterifications where mineral acids give

excess carbonization.

5.As an anti-stress additive for electroplating baths.


Packed in 25 kgs pp woven bag with a PE inner bag.


Keep in dark and dry place, and avoid sunshine.

Safety Information:

p-Toluene Sulfonic Acid is a kind of corrosive strong acid. In case of

contact with skin or eyes, flush with large amount of water for at lease

15 minutes and seek for medication.



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