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Sodium xylene sulfonate Hardening agent Xylene sulfonic acid
Kao Koan Enterprise Co., Ltd. p-toluene sulfonic acid, ptsa,Chemical manufacturer
Washing powder material,Sodium p-toluene sulfonate,Sodium xylene sulfonate,Xylene sulfonic acid
Dye material,Hardening agent,Emulsifying agent,Furan resin
Chemical manufacturer,ptsa,Washing powder material,p-toluene sulfonic acid
PTSA Manufacturer P-Toluene Sulfonic Acid Sodium P-Toluene Sulfonate
Dye material manufacturer Washing powder material Furan resin manufacturer
SXS Manufacturer Hardening Agent Manufacturer Sodium Xylene Sulfonate
STS,Chemical manufacturer
Chemical manufacturer
PTSA,Chemical manufacturer
Chemical manufacturer
Dye material manufacturer
Dye material
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Sodium p-toluene sulfonate
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Kao Koan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
AddressĄGNO.18-3,Tianzhongyang Ln., Yuanlin Township, Changhua County, TAIWAN(R.O.C)


Kao Koan Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the manufacture of Chemical Material and reputable exporters, established in 2008 with office locations in Buu Shin Township, Changhua, Taiwan.
Main products are paint chemicals material, sand casting , cleaning chemicals (detergent) and so on .

1.para toluene sulfonic acid (PTSA)

2.sodium para-toluene sulfonate (STS)

3.sodium xylene sulfonate(SXS)

Responsibility, quality, efficiency, and service are the four pillars for our company.
In order to give more services to their customers over the world, we strictly require production standardization and match customer’s request with the delivery date.

For the future, we always keep improving and progressing to offer our customers the best quality and service.


P-toluene sulfonic acid, PTSA
Furan Resin Manufacturer Washing Powder Material Dye Material Manufacturer
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